Fundraising 101 For A Charity

I know you are a good person. You may not feel like it is your life’s purpose to start a charity. However, you still feel like you can do good in the world, and be generous. A good way to feel wonderful about yourself while helping others, is by becoming a fundraiser for an already existing charity.

Here are ten reasons to fund raise:

  1. It does not cost you any money to be a fundraiser. At the same time, you raise money for other people. That is a win-win situation.
  2. It does not take up a lot of time. You can fit fundraising into your schedule. It sort of is like being a freelance writer. I choose when to write, what to write, who to write for, and I still have time/energy to dedicate to my other commitments. It is wonderful.
  3. If you have great organizational skills, you can put them to good use. You can organize a lot of responsibilities without leaving the house.
  4. Fundraising is something that almost anyone can do. Whether, you are an adult with a job and kids to look after, or are a kid in school yourself, you can dedicate your time, energy, and skills.
  5. Have I mentioned how fun it is as a hobby that kills a lot of free time?
  6. You meet new people. Do you not like having friends? Do you not like having connections?
  7. Volunteering is great to put as experience on your job resumes. Of course, you also have to have job experience, ideally. However, this is a bonus.
  8. You can put it on a college application. You can mention it in college interviews.
  9. It is healthy for you psychologically and physically. Brain chemicals are like drugs. Dopamine, a really nice chemical that gets released in the reward center of your brain, is like cocaine. If you want a high, without the brain chemistry alteration, physical illness, or risk of death…fund raise. Seriously.
  10. There is something that suits everyone.

I forgot to mention this before, but, all the cool kids are doing it. So, this is the one thing that you should do that they are doing, even if it is just because the cool kids are doing it. There are so many fundraising websites. Go to the gofundme website, and fund someone or something. Go on a fundraising website that teaches you how to fund raise.

Responsibilities of a fundraiser:

(You have FIVE responsibilities.)

  1. You have to use your researching skills to find suitable donors for the cause you want to support. You have to contact them yourself.  Present the cause’s mission in an appealing manner.
  2. You also have to strategize for organizations.
  3. You have to use your organizational, leading, and managing abilities to have fundraising events that will attract potential donors. After these events are over, you have to analyze them to see what went well and what went wrong. You should strive to improve each event.
  4. You have to make sure training is provided to the volunteers who will help you at these fundraising events.
  5. You have to do some bookkeeping. You have to keep, on record, the information of any donor that gives to you. Make sure that all legal documents are in check. The running of the organization depends on this as much as it depends on fundraising.