10 Charity Startup Ideas

So, you want to do some good in the world, but have no idea where to start? Here are ten ideas to jump off of:

1. Education

How about if you turn under-served but gifted students into financial assets? The more accomplished the student becomes in college, the more value they have financially.

2. Charitable website

What if you created a website where people can donate money to a charity of their choice?

3. Charitable cell phone/Ipad app

Waste is a huge problem, especially in America, that affects the environment. What if you created an app that limited the wasting of a product and benefitted groups of people at the same time?

4. Charitable showcases

What if you were a social entrepreneur who promoted other causes by having an organization that showcased causes? So, your organization would be doing what this article is doing. However, your organization and events would be more detailed and they would appear to be more like runway shows or performances, rather than an article.

5. Charitable tardiness

Students and professionals have times where they will be tardy to meetings, class, work, practice. At your workplace, you can start collect $1 dollar donations for every time someone shows up late to any event.

6. Charitable swear jar

This can be more of a silly game or joke. Every time someone swears at school, or in the workplace, even though it’s allowed…they should put a dollar in a swear jar. In this instance, swearing should probably be encouraged for charitable purposes.

7. Charitable gift cards

People are always encouraged to give to charities and not to homeless people. People are always told who to trust and not trust with their money. At the same time, they don’t have a lot of money, and it’s probably their parents’ money. As a solution, gift cards could be given away at designated locations to charities of their choice, that are given from a list of charities.

8. Charitable Dares

Remember the ice bucket challenge? That was obviously a fad. However, play on people’s needs to be socially accepted, while letting them feel good about doing good. Have games that are like truth or dare, but with a charitable twist, so that causes can benefit from the games.

9. Charitable arts organizations

If you have a passion for any of the arts, start an art organization. But, do it with a charitable twist. For example, help students develop their creative and stylistic abilities in fashion.

10. Ethical business apps

What if you created an app that kept businesses in check? In this day and age, people are more concerned with being ethical (hopefully) and appearing ethically (frequently). The app you create can actually help businesses become and remain ethical through their practices as well as the impact they have on the world. You can also give businesses a rating that people can see and they can use certain businesses depending on their ethics. A lot of people, especially nowadays, will associate themselves with a business just because the business is ethical and/or charitable.