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About Pennys from Heaven

Hey everyone!

My name is Kristen Ray. I am a millennial with a desire to help others. The problem was that I did not know how to help. I did not know if I should start an organization to combat a specific cause, or help with the fundraising for another existing charity. I had no idea what issue was the most important to me.

I know that a lot of good people in the world go through horrible ordeals. There are so many tragedies in the world. Commonly, people will say that they want world peace. They want heaven on earth. They want any little consolation.

There are already over a million charities combating the same issues…literally. However, they each add their own twist to their solutions, or to the alleviation of those issues. Life is short, so I had no idea if feeding hungry children in America or providing clean water to families in third world countries is more important. There is only so much time and energy that I could give, not to mention cash. Also, I think I am a decently skilled individual, but I am no Stephen Hawking or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, so I highly doubt my own brain could come up with physicist theories or eliminate the systemic oppression of minority groups all at once.

However, you might be able to do so. You might be a highly skilled individual and you might have known from the very beginning that you want to change the world for the better, one person at a time. You might have even known what cause you wanted to be a rebel for, or you might have a solution that you want to execute. You just need some help starting with practical and quite boring details. This is where I come in, and help you help others.

That is how this idea came about to help others…help others. In other words, through writing, I wanted to be able to inform people and give them ideas as to how they should start their own charities to combat specific issues, rather than come up with the solutions myself. You could say that I am combatting all the issues in this way. I am kidding, of course. Kind of. Not really.

Who knows? Oh wait, I do!

On my website, you should find different articles on several topics that have to do with charities. These resources should give you ideas that range from questions to ask yourself before starting a charity, and the steps you need to take to ensure it runs properly, to alternatives if you do not want to start an actual charity. A lot of these are easy to read lists, but the longer ones should not be too difficult to read. I know do not like to read anything that is too long and complex. I like for writings to be fun and simple.

I hope you are able to enjoy my articles while taking away useful insights from each one!