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10 Ways To Incorrectly Start A Charity


I recently wrote an article that outlined ten steps to start a charity, which I thought would be helpful. I have decided to write an article that outlines how not to start a charity. This is because people do not like being told what to do, so I will also tell you what not to […]

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How Charities Run


Have you ever wondered how charities run? 501c3’s can be either of the following: public charities or private foundations. However, all 1.5 million of American charities need to follow IRS regulations to be considered charitable and tax-exempt. There are three aspects that go into the makeup of these IRS-regulated organizations.They include structure, finances, and of […]

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Should You Start A Nonprofit?

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Have you ever asked yourself why you are here? Or, what you should do with your life? If you think the answer is to start a nonprofit organization, you still need to ask yourself more questions. I have compiled five questions to think about before you start an organization. Keep in mind that the answers […]

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